Front-end Development Consulting and Training

Accelerate Your Front-end Web Development

Your front-end team is new, doesn't have established processes, or just has too much work to keep up. Get an audit of things to improve, schedule hands-on training, or simply hire our team to augment your existing team and get more done faster.

Increase Productivity

Through front-end development training, your developers will stay ahead of the curve and learn time saving best practices that shorten the lag time between web app updates.

Motivate Developers

Boredom, stress and burnout are all too common for programmers. Team training is a win-win for your business and will result in a renewed excitement towards your projects.

Improve Collaboration

Too often it feels like designers, front-end developers, and back-end developers are speaking different languages. The right tooling and training gets everyone on the same page to co-create.

Hi, I'm Kevin Ball (alias KBall) and I've been a software developer for over a decade.

Before starting ZenDev, I led development for the ZURB Foundation front-end framework. I also speak at conferences around the world like All Things Open, Web Unleashed, the CSS Summit, the SVG Summit, and the Accessibility Summit. I co-founded the San Diego Javascript meetup, and continue to organize Foundation and JavaScript meetups.

I've been interviewed on front-end frameworks by Web Designer Depot and have written for and served as a subject matter expert for web designer magazine, Net magazine and creative bloq.

In addition to running ZenDev, I am currently an editor for InfoQ in the HTML5 & JavaScript topic area, and a regular panelist on the JSParty podcast.

I love writing code, but I also love teaching and helping teams reach their full potential. I can help your front-end developers level up their skills, improve their processes, and really up their game through on-site or remote trainings.

Available Services

Front-end Audit

$749 flat fee

Know your front-end code could use some work but not sure where to begin? Not sure you're up on all of the best in class tooling and practices? Or not sure if the agency you hired is delivering you quality code? In this package I'll audit your front-end codebase and give you both a written report on the quality of your code but also a straightforward checklist of what needs to be improved and how to get started.

  • Rigorous analysis of your codebase.
  • Straightforward, no-tech-lingo health report for your front-end codebase.
  • Detailed, technical checklist sorted by importance and value.

Remote Front-end Development Training

Starting at $4,000 for Up To 5 Students

Your team needs is new to the front-end, and you want to get them started on a solid Foundation. In this 5-day remote training, your developers will learn about ZURB Foundation from beginning to end, working through every component in dozens of exercises, and build out a full Foundation layout and website from scratch.

  • 15 Hours of Training Over 5 Days
  • 50+ Coding Exercises
  • Includes Detailed Slides and Materials

One Day Workshops

$4,000-$6,000 for Up To 15 Students

During one-day workshops we'll help your team pick up a specific skill by spending 4 to 6 hours writing code together to accomplish a discrete task. For example we might spend the day getting hands-on experience building out layouts, dive deep into sass best practices, or cover the latest and greatest in front-end build systems and process flows.

  • Select a Relevant Curriculum
  • 1 Full Day of On-Site Training
  • Includes Course Material Summary Doc

Custom Development

Pricing dependent on scope of work

Training is a great way to improve your team and long term output, but sometimes you just need things done faster, or need to bring in an expert to handle a particularly tricky problem. You can hire ZenDev to do custom development work, anything from augmenting your existing team to building an entire product start to finish.

  • Custom front-end development in any JS Framework
  • Custom back-end or full-stack development with Node, Ruby, or Python
  • Augment your team or outsource full projects

Accelerate your front-end web development

Cutting Edge Techniques

ZURB Foundation has consistently led the way in the front-end development world. We take the techniques from the world's most advanced front-end framework and teach them directly to your team.

Learn By Doing

With our code-driven training and dozens of coding exercises your team will not be listening to boring lectures, but engaged in hands on learning with real problems.

Clear ROI

My front-end developer team training easily pays for itself through increased developer productivity, renewed employee motivation and better team collaboration.

What People Say About Working With KBall

Kevin is the most inspirational person I've ever met and has an endless knowledge of all things engineering. As a lead he has a great mix of smarts and compassion that is rarely seen. It's amazing to see him work. He's committed himself to being a student of design (and life) and can help bridge the gap between engineering and design teams.

Shawna Moser

Team Lead at Zurb

The class "connected the dots" for our team and gave us a road map for moving forward. We knew that we needed to change how we are doing basically everything, but we were stuck. We didn't have a clear picture of what needed to change or how to go about changing it without completely disrupting our run of business needs. Your site review and training gave us the outside perspective we needed to formulate a plan. We are much more confident now in the changes and have a solid plan for fixing our site.

Heidi Aschehoug

Digital Media Design at Altair Eyewear

Save Time and Money with Front-End Development Training

If you are not entirely satisfied with any portion of your training services, I will work with you to ensure your satisfaction or provide a refund for any portion of these services. I'm typically fully booked two to three months out, so reach out now to reserve your spot in my calendar.

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