Hi, I'm Kevin Ball (alias KBall) and I've been a software developer for over a decade.

Before starting ZenDev, I led development for the ZURB Foundation front-end framework. I also speak at conferences around the world like All Things Open, Web Unleashed, the CSS Summit, the SVG Summit, and the Accessibility Summit. I co-founded the San Diego Javascript meetup, and continue to organize Foundation and JavaScript meetups.

I've been interviewed on front-end frameworks by Web Designer Depot and have written for and served as a subject matter expert for web designer magazine, Net magazine and creative bloq.

In addition to running ZenDev, I am currently an editor for InfoQ in the HTML5 & JavaScript topic area, and a regular panelist on the JSParty podcast.

I love writing code, but I also love teaching and helping teams reach their full potential. I can help your front-end developers level up their skills, improve their processes, and really up their game through on-site or remote trainings.

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