As long as I’ve been publishing the Friday Frontend, folks have been asking for help learning Vue.js. Every time I send a survey asking what y’all want, I hear back “I want to learn Vue”. And no matter how many Vue posts I publish, I hear that folks want more.

So I’m trying something different. I just launched a new project with a new website:, which is focused on helping as many people as possible learn about Vue.js.

What is it? is aimed at hole I saw in the Vue learning space - the limited number of live learning options.

I firmly believe that the best learning requires both information and feedback. With this project I’ll be exploring a number of ways to get you that feedback quickly, be it through video chat, live on site, or live via text in slack or on github.

The first piece to go live is a set of FREE live webinars I’ll be teaching covering the fundamentals of Vue.js.

These are explicitly targeted to get you from nothing to understanding how Vue works in under an hour, to cut out any barrier you have to getting started with Vue.js.

Why learn from me?

I’m a long-time web developer with extensive teaching experience. During my time as the project lead for ZURB Foundation I taught thousands of developers how to use one of the leading UI Frameworks via live webinars, in person trainings, and online videos.

I’ve been working with Vue.js extensively for over a year now, and have had articles about Vue featured in publications like and the Vue News.

I’m excited to bring my Vue learnings together with my teaching experience to help bring Vue to developers around the world.

Signing up

The first set of webinars are scheduled for next week (the week of October 22nd).

There’s a few different timeslots available, but even if you can’t make one sign up and you’ll still get a recording.

But really, try to get to one of them live. Being able to ask questions in real time is the best way I know to get you unblocked and rolling.

Sign up today FOR FREE at

I hope to see you in one of the webinars next week!