Articles and Tutorials on Vue.js


Creating Multi-root Vue.js Components

A common constraint in component-based frameworks like Vue.js is that each component has to have a single root element. This means that everything in a particular component has to descend from a single element, like this:

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Adding SCSS Libraries like Foundation to Vue's Nuxt.js

I recently wrote about adding Vue.js to a Foundation ZURB stack project. Today I want to look at the opposite situation: Integrating Foundation as an SCSS library into a Vue project, or more specifically, a Nuxt.js project. Nuxt.js is a higher level framework built on top of Vue.js that provides two major benefits: Nuxt makes it super easy to set up a "Universal JavaScript" application with server side rendering. Nuxt prepackages a set a "golden path" set of choices of the many components you can use.

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