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Cool uses of the ::before and ::after pseudoelements

I have a confession to make: I kind of love the ::before and ::after pseudoelements. They're kind of like a couple of henchmen along on any styling adventure. Like never having to face the world alone - for everywhere there was 1, there is now 3.

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CSS dismissal is about exclusion, not technology

It's that time again. Regular like clockwork, it seems to happen each September. Something happens, and suddenly webdev twitter is taken over with a battle royale over the value of CSS. Time for half the front-end development world to dismiss the value of the other half.

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The Ultimate Guide to Learning CSS

CSS is a vast subject, with many different layers to learn about covering all different aspects of manipulating the display of elements on a page. It is also an evolving topic, which sometimes makes it difficult to know what to study. This article is intended to be a resource for learning, finding the best resources around for learning each area of CSS.

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The 80-20 Approach to Sustainable SCSS

There's been a ton of innovation in the CSS and SCSS worlds over the last few years. A multitude of new naming conventions, architectural choices, and advanced libraries to make your CSS more manageable and powerful than other before.

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CSS in JS is like replacing a broken screwdriver with your favorite hammer.

There's a ton of interest these days in 'CSS in JS'. The premise is simple: CSS operates in a global namespace, which can result in undesirable side effects, spaghetti code, and extremely difficult to maintain codebases. JavaScript used to do this, and we fixed it by encapsulating everything in modules and using tools like webpack to stitch everything together. And hey look, our JavaScript tools can handle CSS too, why don't we move all of our CSS into JavaScript and encapsulate everything by module!

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