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Web Development Nuts And Bolts: How to Publish a Website

It's a great time to be a web developer. There's so many options, so many frameworks, so many places to learn. But for a new developer, it can be tricky to see how it all fits together. How do you actually get from the thing you've been learning to something on the web that real people can use?

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Top 5 Frontend Development Megatrends

It can feel overwhelming to be a web developer. Constantly trying to keep up, learning new frameworks, learning new language features, sometimes learning entire new languages. It's no wonder that front-end developers are often stressed out of their minds. But there is hope: In the last few years, while there has still been tremendously rapid change, and there are more front-end frameworks and packages available than ever, there has also been some consolidation of concepts into a few megatrends.

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Top 5 Frontend Development Topics To Learn in 2019

Ah, January. A time of optimism, a time for starting afresh. For making new goals and resolutions. And in the web development world, for looking at the landscape and deciding what we need to learn just to keep up. Because let's face it - web development is always changing, and if we aren't constantly learning we're falling behind.

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Learning Web Development in 2018

Learning web development in 2018 is overwhelming. There's just so damn much to learn. The JavaScript ecosystem is growing more quickly than any other. There is. So. Damn. Much. Guides to becoming a web developer look like the freaking flying spaghetti monster.

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How WebAssembly is Accelerating the Future of Web Development

"Is WebAssembly going to kill JavaScript?" This question has been on the lips of many a developer ever since WebAssembly (WASM) began to look like it might actually become a reality. While many have speculated that WebAssembly will mean the end of JavaScript, those involved in creating it deny any such intent.

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The Web Fundamentals Gap

I had a conversation with a friend yesterday who is looking to fill a role in his company and expressed some frustration with a challenge I've been seeing lately as well:

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