Foundation Open Chat

Roughly once a week, KBall hosts an open video chat about Foundation. Not only does KBall host these as the lead for Foundation, but frequently a number of core team members join as well. Any topic is open game, get your questions in and we'll do our best to answer them.

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Past Foundation Open Chats

Foundation's Responsive Navigation | Foundation Open Chat

In our this Foundation Open Chat, we talked about Foundation's Responsive Navigation features. How to turn your dropdown menu into a responsive menu, using the responsive toggle to hide content behind a hamburger on smaller screens, and the SUPER COOL new "in-canvas" responsive feature for off-canvas released in 6.4. We also touch briefly on questions around updates, flexbox, and JavaScript

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Grids, Grids and more Grids | Foundation Open Chat

In our this Foundation Open Chat, we talked about Grids! How to think about responsive grids, a little bit of the XY Grid, some diving into CSS Grid. We also touched on Javascript integration with Style Sherpa, and the super-cool new in-canvas option for Foundation's Off-canvas.

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Foundation Open Chat August 24

In our this Foundation Open Chat, we went through the Foundation Building Blocks - what Foundation Building Blocks are, how to use them, how to install them using the Foundation CLI, and what the thinking behind them is. We also answered some questions about the Foundation JavaScript, webpack, and what's going on with Foundation's development.

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Foundation Open Chat August 18

In our this Foundation Open Chat, we walk through the pieces of the ZURB template, covering the new webpack based JavaScript approach, the build system, and how the scss imports work.

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Foundation Open Chat August 10

In our first Foundation Open Chat, we covered topics ranging from using the Foundation SCSS mixins to create semantic classes, a range of XY-Grid components like the cell block containers, live problem solved some photo layout issues, and some use of the Foundaiton CLI.

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